I learned about Maria Hierro’s work a long time ago and I really wanted to be able to incorporate it into kreislreart.com, so I am especially happy that she has produced these works exclusively for all of us. She has made six works in Spanish and six in English so that everyone can be happy to enjoy her work.

In a totally accelerated world that leaves us little time for important things, María makes us reflect and value the delicate issues. Her creative process stems from her concern to have the space and time to reflect and the questioning of current human behaviour.

Haste, changes and interpersonal relationships are some of the themes that form the backbone of her projects, generating works of great beauty in which letters and words create forms to stop us and make us think and enjoy their harmony.

María proposes to us to reflect on the fact that what and how we think and relate to each other, depends, in part, on the number of words we hear, read and learn. She is interested in reading and uses the words as weapons and armour, dualities, intermediate layers and what lives between the lines.

In her works, she analyzes the phrases and words with which she lives through a transformation and expansion of her initial concepts. Play with the letters and a few self-imposed variables, such as color and position, and obtain a simple and direct visual poetry, known as typography, that concludes its message in the mind of the viewer. Thank you, María!

Tamara Kreisler
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