Every Christmas we find ourselves with a long list of presents but with few ideas; however, very few gifts are more special than art. Art gifts gives you the chance to show someone just how much you love them by taking the time to think about what they might enjoy… Do not be afraid to be wrong, only imagine what they might like, and buy it !!


Think of a hobby, special place, or passion that the person you’re thinking of has, and translate it into a work of art. Find out if he or she will be happy to see their passion reflected by art. Sometimes a small gift is better, it does not need to be something too big or compromising. A detail sought and bought with love is the best way to make a person feel like you care for them.


If you are going to buy art for you, family, friends or colleagues here are some good art gifs.

Do they like Abstract Art ? Or prefer Landscapes ? Maybe Street Art is more their Art? or they prefer Monumental Art ?

•Think about how their house or office is decorated. Is it classic or modern? Is it an ornate or minimalist environment? Do they like bright colors or soft tones? Is this for a country house, city apartment or is it on the beach? For example, any Anoro graphic work is fantastic in a house by the sea.

•Think about what he or she likes to do. What are their hobbies? What are they passionate about? If they have a passion, be sure that they will like having art that relates to that field. For instance if they love animals., they will love any of Nicolas Coronado Artworks.

•Give art as a gift to the young ones in hope of creating young future collectors! Every Christmas I look for art to give to my children. I understand they may prefer a toy; however, I can see how they also enjoy their art! Like any of this wonderful artworks from Cantabella.

Where can i give art as a gift?

Give art gifts for Christmas time or at any other time of the year does not have to be expensive or compli-cated. Many art works including prints, photographs, sculptures and even original work can be purchased from €120 at kreislerart.com. Do not hesitate this Christmas, put art in the life of you and your loved ones!

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