lHello, my name is Tamara Kreisler and I am the Founder and Director of www.kreislerart.com I am a working mother and third-generation of the Kreisler family involved in the Art world and with this blog I want to zoom you in, to those who want to read me, in my activity as director of an art gallery online and my day to day life.

As a brief presentation, I will tell you that I was born in Madrid, I’m the eldest of three sisters and tock my first steps in an art gallery,-) so my destiny was clear, but I wanted to make my own career before arriving to the family business, so I studied economics in Madrid and the U.S. and the first ten years of my professional life involved selling advertising for international medias what gave me the opportunity to live in several countries and meet people from very different cultures.

Wherever I traveled or lived I always visited all the galleries or museums of art that I had close to me and keep me connected in some way with the Art world.

The following ten years of my professional life were dedicated to implement and direct the Theodora Foundation www.theoodra.org in Spain. It was a wonderful challenge and work which made me very happy and where I put a lot of energy that happily reflected on the wonderful work that Clown Doctors do, bringing joy to hospitalized children.

Five years ago, when my family and I moved to live in Italy, I decided that it was time for me to start my third professional life and started to think about working in the Art world. I collaborated with an Art Gallery in Venice and organize the Kreisler Art Gallery stands at international fairs.

Now we are back in Spain, and after studying a Masters in e-commerce, I am launching this project from the Galeria Kreisler headquarters in Madrid, in Hermosilla 8, working alongside with my father Juan Kreisler and his team and learning with him a lot about this wonderful and also very tough work of gallery owner.

I call my blog “Art dealer in action”, as I’m always in action and very active, so they say the people who know me well ,-) I hope to be enjoyable and interesting for you to read and that my posts bring you closer to the reality of a multitasking business mother, as many of my friends all the world are. No big deal.
See you soon,


Tamara Kreisler
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