In the last years traditional engraving techniques have undergone a considerable transformation mainly due to the development and accessibility of new low-toxicity materials, which have led to a profound change in procedures for the generation and treatment of multiple image, replacing the use of mordants and potentially harmful solvents for health.

This has approached artists to a considerable repertoire of new materials and procedures to extend the plastic possibilities of manipulation of the images used for engraving, without prejudice to the personal health and without prejudice to the environment.


The technique “Separate Colours Intaglio type” is an easy domestic adaptation of the professional photomechanical process-color printing. From your home and with their own computer, the artist can create the image by separating the channels in Photoshop and adapting the printing terminal exit points, obtaining in this form four color separations and treat them separately in individual plates.

Finally, revealed and dry plates may be inked with solvent inks on water to be printed consecutively in a chromatic order, first the iron Y (yellow), M (magenta), C (Cyan) and finally the iron “key” K (key) black.

The result is an image that has on the one hand the quality of gravure in color and on the other the plastic qualities of a traditional print manual printing.
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