A dollhouse, a slot machine, the cover of a magazine or a table game; elements of our daily life serve as an inspiration for Elisa Insua to create works of great beauty and originality in which she is able to take a very critical vision of society.The first time I saw Elisa’s work, I had no doubt that I wanted to work with her. We are both economists who live for Art, we share a concern for the environment and for the terrible consequences that the excess creation of garbage generated by our society has on our planet.

Elisa is capable of creating beauty with objects that society treats as waste, giving them a useful life again and not as anything, but as works of Art!!  Only she is capable of making such a fierce criticism of society in such a beautiful way.

Elisa’s works are excessive, abundant and baroque, making us think about what kind of society have we created that generates such monsters. For her, desire, opulence and the ostentation of luxury are great inspirations that make us think about economic inequalities and irresponsible consumption in our society.

I encourage you to put a piece of Elisa in your collection, because not only will you have a beautiful work of art with, but you will also have a reference to have a happier and more recycled life.

Tamara Kreisler
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