These days, reduced mobility has not make a big difference to many artist’s lives. In fact, many have confessed to me that they have taken advantage of this time to produce new works while having fewer distractions and more time to work.





When a few months ago, our beloved Claudio Roncoli arrived in Mexico to carry out a commission for the MUDE Desert Museum, he never supposed that his stay was going to last much longer than planned, and that he was going to end up doing these precious works that we present to you exclusively on

Because being away from home was not a problem for Claudio’s creativity, who normally lives and works in Miami, but who is still in Mexico, and in this complicated situation has been able to continue producing works so full of color and emotion.









When you are a true artist, and Claudio is, no matter the circumstances, you just can’t stop creating … so, being stuck in Mexico he took the opportunity to work at the Museum of Graphic Arts in Saltillo, MAG, and he got down to work using tools from the last century; used at the time to print letterheads, folios and advertising. From these he made these three works, which speak of the human relationships of Love, Desire and Distance.









It is striking the explosion of color and energy that the works transmit, as usually happens with all the creations of Claudio, who as you know, is an absolutely versatile artist and has in addition to works in different museums and collections, two Grammy awards . What can I say ! I love all his works and thae Pop touch and personal color in them.









They are undoubtedly very special works, due to the circumstances in which they were created and the symbolism they have. The first edition of each one of the serigraphs have become part of the museum’s heritage, so we are happy to present these works for their creative and artistic value and for what they represent, as well as for being so beautiful, -)

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