Just a few days ago we released the new series of photographs by Miguel Vallinas “Ceci n’est pas” and “This is not” at Kreislerart.com. I can’t help but write a few lines encouraging you to see them and take one home. They are great!

Miguel is a wonderful photographer who began a series of peculiar portraits with a reflection on the identity of the human being, first playing with animals in his “Second skins” series and later with plants in “Root”. I ran into his photographic work in an Art Fair in Paris some time ago and had no doubt that I wanted to have him at Kreislerart.com.

I love his new portraits “this is not” where he works with the choices and personalities that we, human beings, can have, with a surrealist touch and his consistent quality and originality!! This time, his photographs show objects that are separated from the bodies and even some parts of the human body are visible.

The title which gives its name to the collection, “ceci n’est pas” is inspired by a work of the surrealist artists Magritte, who sought to change the pre conditioned perception that the viewer has, creating visual games and optical illusions and showing us that everything is implicit as a result of our preconceived ideas.

As Miguel says. “This is not” invites us to think about “what is”, “what we believe to be”; “what the others think that we are”; “what we want to be” and “what we really are”. Thank you, Miguel, for your portraits and filling our lives with these wonderful photographs.

By the way, who are you?

Tamara Kreisler
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