While looking at the work of Carla Querejeta Roca it is obvious that she is an artist influenced by the different cultures in which she has grown up, filling her works with color and character and creating a very recognizable language that I like a lot and hope you will too.

In her works, Carla reflects on the construction of our identity through three-dimensional works, which are produced in the form of paintings, sculptures or installations of various materials.

Her volumes dance between figuration and abstraction, and ask to be traveled, inhabited and appropriate. Why use a flat canvas if you can work on wood from pallets or canvas that has already had one life and give it another?

When I saw this series of textile sculptures, I really liked them and I am delighted that we have them on kreislerart.com. Each one is born from the reflection on the construction of our being over time, making them original and unique because each one has already had a life.

They are built with paintings from a few years ago, which Carla has destroyed to give them a second life, making us think about how our present is built with our past.

Carla identifies in a very personal way with her work, which is a very important part of her life and that is why her works are so full of emotion, color and energy.

So I hope you enjoy her work and want to take some home with you to keep you company. I have not been able to resist, -)

Tamara Kreisler
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