Almost every day someone asks me if it is possible to sell art online, I answer always the same thing, certainly! If we all already buy tickets, books and shoes Online, why not to buy art? That is what I exactly try to do every day

Tamara Art Sevilla

Next September 14 in Madrid the third seminar of Art Online is going to be celebrated by The Art Market Agency and I have the honor and pleasure of having being invited by Juan Rodriguez, person in charge of Barnebys Spain to inform also in his round table, as founder and director of  with other professionals of the sector BCollector and LetArt


It is very gratifying for me to know that every time we are more and more the ones that want to sell art Online and that share the desire to bring it over to more people, breaking barriers with the traditional collector’s concept that has existed till now. Thanks to the new technologies and sales channels to sell art Online is now easy, fun and easy as confirms the report Hicox every year..

We wait for you on September 14 at The Principal Hotel Madrid from 10 a.m. to talk about art and to spend a good time together. See you there!


Tamara Kreisler
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