One of the best gifts our parents can expose us to is art at a younger age. I experienced this as a child and now I have carried that on with my own children. Visiting an art gallery or going to the theatre, cinema, ballet, opera or concert is always a gift for young eyes and ears.


As a child, I remember going to many shows and museums, visiting art galleries with great curiosity and desire whenever the opportunity arose. Perhaps that is the reason why I, as an adult, have enjoyed my appreciation for art no matter where I am.


In my opinion, a great way to make our young ones love art is to buy art for kids as gifts (baptisms, first communions, good marks in school or a good performance in sports).


In fact, when my sons were born, they each received a piece of art, which have actually become two of the most important works we hold in our home. Nicolás has a picture by Manel Anoro and Martín sleeps next to a picture by Josep Guinovart.


Each piece will always be with them in life. My husband and I believe they will both grow up attached to the art and, when they decide to move away, these pieces of art will accompany them in their future homes reminding them of all the good moments they’ve had.

On you can find many good examples of art for the masters of the house in the search category “art for kids” Do you fancy putting art in the life of your children? As a kid who grew up surrounded by art and a mother that incubates the love of art to my little ones, I highly recommend it to you!

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