It’s Christmas time again, that time of year were we usually treat our loved ones. I have to share with you that I love planing about the perfect gift for each of them and it might be professional deformation, but I almost always think of a work of art that goes perfect for each personality and would be an excellent gift for each one, sorry I have no remedy…

It is important to demonstrate how much you love them with your gift. No matter if it is expensive or not, what you want to show to them is that you know how to make them happy, something that makes them think of a special place that they love, a special trip, any experience you have lived together or just something of their favorite color. For example, a sculpture of Chano Navarro sure that it is a good idea for anyone.

Giving something that they will use often and that will accompany them in their day to day life is a good way of being close and present with our loved ones. What you think about this work of Luigi Rodríguez? It will definetly levae trace.

I recomend you to try to give away items that are durable and well-made, one more reason why to give art is such a good idea, since many things go out of fashion, but a good work of art, is always fashionable. As this work from Celso Pereira that can always accompany them.

It’s great to give away something that makes them think about you when they use it and put a smile on their face making them think how much you care for them, such as the beautiful and colorful works by Ruperto Cabrera.
After all this, I have it clear, and I hope that you do too, I am sure that at you can find the perfect gift for your loved ones, there is no question of budget or lack of ideas, it is only to feel like and share art for Christmas. Happy Holidays!




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