There is no doubt that during Christmas we all feel more sensitive to giving and charity. For example, we buy our Christmas cards, whether in paper or digital form, from a Foundation or NGO. This way we make an expense into a good cause that most companies and individuals do as well.

This year the Theodora Foundation asked me to help them select a series of works to illustrate their Christmas cards catalog. Of course, I happily accepted as I am a board member of the Foundation and also founder of KreislerArt. Thus, I was able to combine two of my passions: helping others with art for charity.

It was a real pleasure to see the reaction of the artists at KreislerArt when I asked them to give an image for Theodora’s Christmas catalog. Without hesitation, the artists and I were able to produce some really beautiful works for the foundation.


Esther Rosa even made a video in her Facebook profile.

I want to give an enormous thank you to Antonio, Esther, Cristina, Tarek, Carmen and Fernando for being such great artists and people.

Tamara Kreisler