I just got back from Miami from visiting several exhibitions of art and here I am writing a small overview of what I’ve seen, it has been without a doubt a great experience of art and although I’ve finished exhausted, is worth the ride… Unfortunately this year the weather has not accompanied much, since it has not stopped raining and it was of the more unpleasant, so I am afraid that it has influenced in a negative way to some visitors, but anyway most of the art fairs in Miami were full, and I was delighted to see so many people interested in art

Each year, 19 Art fairs are held in Miami in the first week of December, there is no concentration of art fairs around the world in anywhere else. In addition, there are many events in private collections and museums as breakfast, brunches, lunches, dinner and parties around the art so the agenda is a non stop craziness. As you can imagine there are really interesting fairs and other less impressive where you realize that you can visit them just in a few minutes. I organized my self to visit two shows a day as some are huge and as I personally, after I’ve been a couple of hours looking at art, I need to stop, Don’t you just have the same need?

As I landed in Miami my wonderful friends Sandra and Eduardo came to pick me up at the airport and we went straight to see Spectrum Miami Art Show and RED DOT ART FAIR

Personally I have to say, perhaps because I was tired and as it was the opening night and there were many people, neither of them convinced much.

The next day and in better shape, we went to see in the morning ART Miami and in afternoon crossed the street to see CONTEXT Art Miami

I have to say that I liked the two of them very much, it was also was a pleasure to meet with friends gallery owners and artists. I found very interesting artworks and galleries, with which I hope to work in the future. If we had to choose two or three art exhibitions in all the maremagnun of fairs that you find yourself in Miami these days, no doubt these two are worth to be visited.




The next day we went to see Art Basel Miami Beach.

No is no doubt that is the Queen of the modern and contemporary art fairs, because of its size and the quality of the works exhibited, is impressive. It was also crowded, and walking through its halls is almost stroll through a Museum of contemporary art, it caught my attention the wonderful Picassos and the originality of many of the art works that it is difficult to normally find at art fairs, and that this year I’ve been visited quite a few… everything is big in Art Basel Miami Beach, the quality of works, the stands, the size of the fair and works, the VIP lounge, bar prices, but it is certainly a must in the tour of fairs in Miami in December.



In the afternoon I went to see PINTA Miami and I liked it also, is more small and focused on artists and galleries from Latin America and I ha veto say the quality of the works that I saw were fantastic. In addition it was a pleasure to meet good friends of the art world also here.


On the way to our dinner party at Wynwood kitchen we visited several galleries and saw how graffiti was painted even in the rain in the facades of several buildings. This neighborhood of Miami, Wynwood has become the Art hot spot in Miami. The atmosphere was really fun and the amount of artists per square meter enormous.

The next day, and after doing some shopping we went to see Aqua Art Miami this is a really different fair that takes place at Hotel Aqua as they have removed all the furniture and doors of rooms and filled them with art. It was a pity that the weather did not accompany as the D.J. and the mojitos created a great atmosphere. The art that you could find was also interesting and often funny.

The art work that I really liked more was Esther Rosa‘s work at  S. Artspace gallery of New York.



On my last day, before getting on the plane, we had time to visit Scope Miami Beach 2015  It was also very interesting and I liked many of the works exhibited mostly by European and American galleries with young artists and with much to say.




I was sorry not to be able to visit more Art Fairs these days, but I am very happy to have been able to live this Art Experience in Miami and I hope next year I can go with my own exhibition proposal Kreislerart



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