I am so used to taking planes and sleeping in hotels visiting Art Fairs around the world, that I love how my city, Madrid, turns into the capital of Art for a few days each February, and am privileged to enjoy it. Furthermore, to be able to visit the Art Fairs with any of my children makes it even more special. This year, I had already planned a trip out of Madrid during that week so I had to condense my visits to only two Art Fairs: ARCO and ArtMadrid and had to leave out of my agenda JustMad, Urbanity and many others. Hopefully I will be able to visit in their next edition.

I have to say that I loved seeing so many people at the two Art Fairs I visited. I did it over the weekend, so they were open to the general public; usually the first days are reserved for professionals and large collectors. There is nothing more sad than an empty Art Fair, knowing about all the work involved for an artist, gallery owner, or fair organizer. To have visitors is already a prize that is much appreciated. And in Madrid, the fairs were filled,-) Congratulations!

Visiting ARCO at IFEMA in the last few years is undoubtedly a very interesting experience both for buyers and simple viewers. Seeing the proposals of Spanish and international galleries provides a way to travel in the current artistic universe. On top of that, in this edition of ARCO, Argentina was the guest county so it made of it a much more interesting way to see the best of the Latin American Art.

It was a very fun exercise visiting ARCO with my young son, contrasting with him our views on various works, which were not always shared. I loved seeing it through his eyes. One of the works that he enjoyed most was the installation of Daniel Canogar at the stand of El País.

During ArtMadrid, in CentroCentro, the first stand I visited was the one of Kreisler Gallery, where the family Gallery made a very interesting selection of works of their artists. Although it is a smaller fair, it also had very attractive works and a good representation of Spanish and international galleries.

We must also highlight that, in addition to all the Art Fairs, there were multiple exhibitions in galleries and museums and many events related to the art world, turning Madrid into the Cultural capital of the world for a few days and making it an even more wonderful city.

So mark your calendar and see you February in Madrid, the capital of art 😉 And in the meantime visit kreislerart.com

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