Are you a collector? Do you like collecting? This is one of the questions I most often hear say in the art world among visitors at fairs. I usually reply timidly with a yes, that I am gradually creating a small art collection.
I have to confess that I have had the privilege to grow at home with a great collector, my father. Most gallery owners are great collectors, and I was lucky enough to visit many homes of friends of my father who shared a love for art all over the world.




When I got married, my father, generously, let me take many paintings and sculptures to my new home and I was also lucky that many of my artist friends gave us several precious works that I value a lot. Gradually with time and the birth of our children, my husband and I have been buying works that we have completed with additional gifts from my dad’s gallery. Contrary to what many people think, you do not have to be a millionaire to be a collector, really! You can start slowly, looking for multiple works at an affordable price, and progressively build up your collection.
There are as many types of art collections as there are collectors. Some people decide to collect works of a technique, theme, geographical area or a particular period… If you are going to start an art collection, I strongly suggest that you slowly start with works that you like very much as you can enjoy both buying and researching, as well as visiting fairs, galleries or digital galleries with Kreislerart. And if you need any help… you can count on me 😉

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