Green is one of my favorite colors and it seems that it is also of many of artists’.  With the arrival of spring it seems that our whole life turns green and why not? Also the Art that surrounds us like in Valle Rivila’s world.

Here are some works that you can find on our website to make your life greener. For example, I love the beautiful mandalas of Yuri Tuma

Another example is our dear artist Pedro Peña Gil, certainly likes green and we can find it in many of his works as “Green Store I” and “Green Store II”

Without a doubt we like green, in all its forms and styles, like the geometric works “Motion IV” by Claudio Roncoli.


Or psychedelics like the work “Green Man” by Victor Lopez.

Or more classic, but full of green as Anoro’s “Bodegon Verde”.

And of course, there is a lot of green in the series of photos “Raices” and “Ceci nest Pas” by Miguel Vallinas.

So enjoy April and do not stop putting a lot of green and a lot of Art in your live.

Tamara Kreisler
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