In Kreislerart we finish the year in the best possible way, full of Art. In the last weeks we have incorporated new works by veterans artists of the gallery such as Helder Batista and Guillermo summers and we have incorporated the work of several new artists to expand the artistic options that we approach with love. As are Emma Gamara, Gerad Capdevall and Mukesh Shah.

Guillermo Summers brings us some drawings made with Indian ink, pigments and tea on Fabriano paper of great delicacy and beauty. They are wonderful.

Helder Batista as always fills us up with color and humor with his bouquets of flowers so cheerful and energetic and his portraits of Super Heros.

We bring the works of Emma Gomara with great pleasure for their quality and because they evoke our vacations and trips that for sure we all remember with great enthusiasm. We are convinced that her works will like you very much and will also be a very good company for you.

We really like the photographs of Gerard Cadevall that plays with the development of the negative / positive color-filled with habitual landscapes that suddenly he makes difficult to recognize. You know that at we love color and Gerard’s work is full of color.

And what about the PLAYLIST works of Mukesh Shah, who plays provocatively with the slogans around us but giving them a twist to make us think about the world around us. Which is your favorite ? It is not easy to choose only one.

And this is not all…..we will start the year with many surprises and new artists that you will like very much soggy ready…. it will continue….

Tamara Kreisler
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