Who said White is a non color? At Kreislerart.com we do not agree at all, and even less when we talk about works of Art in which the predominant color is White. In fact, White is one of the most used colors in Art both for sculpting in white stones, as inspiration when a painter faces a white canvas, or the white paper of a photograph or drawing. Everything comes from white.

Whites are the ghosts that walk along the beach in the photographs of Frank Westerman that we like so much.

Or White as the urban landscapes of Carlos Balsalobre in his series of the Lost Paradises, with this balcony, showing privilege in the city. Photographs in which he plays with the exposure of the developing process to give us all the peace of a White landscape.

White can also be the protagonist by giving even more strength to the message in the works of the PLAYLIST series by Mukesh Shah, making the topics he wants us to think about more obvious.

Just as it is enough to start a few lines, but there is nobody like Mariano to make them move from a blank paper to a great drawing, like he can do. Another example of how

White accompanied only with grays and a touch of color can be an inspiration for a beautiful work can be found in this work by Pedro Peña. You don’t need many more colors to get inspired.

Like Miguel Vallinas, who, inspired by nature, manages to create a White universe playing with the softness of flowers and clothes in this photo from his Roots series.

And if there is an artist who works the White and all its textures in kreislerart.com it is Esther Rosa and her wonderful White works. So let us lead you to forget the idea that white is a boring or non color and encourage you to put Everything White in your choice of works of Art.

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