First of all, I have to share with you that Red is my favorite color, so it is easy to find Art in in which Red is a key part of the work. I have made a small selection of works, but I encourage you to look yourselves to find the works that you like the most and then tell me, -)

Many times less is more and that happens to us with Mariano’s drawings, who with “simple” strokes creates beautiful images and with a small touch of color, manages to fill the work with energy. It is enough with just a marker and some watercolor to create these beautiful works. And of course, Mariano’s hand !!

Something similar happens with the works of Victor Perez Porro, in which he uses the color Red to highlight his geometric compositions with a very particular and recognizable result of his artistic language. His Reds are sober, but full of energy.

Or like the Red in the photographs of Miguel Vallinas in which it becomes a leading color both in the clothes of his characters and in his “portraits”. I think that Red must be also one of Miguel’s favorite colors, because it is really a great part of many of his imaginative portraits.

Much Red we also find in Eva Rabosos’s works, being an important part in both lines – her geometric works and her imaginary cities. She is a happy and energetic woman and transmits it in her works.

We are also full of Red in the photos of Valeria Real and her project “Recreo” that takes us back to childhood and makes us want to go back to the beach and play with a ball. It is wonderful to see how with something so simple, you can do such an interesting job.

So bet on the color and put everything to Red, a winning formula!

Tamara Kreisler
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