Like many of you, I am too staying in my house, worried about the evolution of the virus that is attacking us and the health of my loved ones. We have no choice but to take care of ourselves and those around us. But not everything has to be negative; humans are capable of great actions in the face of adversity and in recent days, you have surely received messages with interesting cultural offers. I am going to lack time to see so many plays, movies or books to read.

As a cultural offer, one that I highly recommend is to visit the Google Arts Project, where you can see great masterpieces in high definition, make immersive visits to unique places and and travel to amazing places around the world. You have more than 1,200 spaces to visit! I love to check it every day.

Regarding the museums that have opened their doors and can be visited online, I confess that those I have visited so far, are the ones that were already my favorites, such as the Prado and Reina Sofia National Museum in Madrid, the MOMA or the Guggenheim in New York, The British Museum or the Tate Gallery in London or the Louvre in Paris – but I will definitely try and take advantage of these days to see new collections from many other museums with the hope of being able to visit them in person very soon.

We understand you might not fell like buying anything apart from masks this days, no worries, we are here just to give you company and keep putting Art in your life.

Wishing you well. Stay safe.

Tamara Kreisler
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