Just a few weeks ago we began a new year and, although it might seem far away, we don’t want to miss an opportunity to put more Art in your lives.

At Kreislerart.com we started the year with the “Digital versus Analogical” exhibition at the Galeria Kreisler  where we showed works by several resident artists. While the show was going on we also organized various events such as tastings of the Geneva Ginial and the Word Portrait that Enrique Baeza made of me. The exhibition finished a few weeks ago; however, if you missed it, would like to see it again, or you would like to buy any of the works that were shown, all them are for sale in our Art Gallery online at Kreislerart.com so do not miss them!!!

In the first weeks of 2017, we have incorporated two new artists to our Gallery Online. From Galicia, the precious works of Alejos Lorenzo, who, with his landscapes full of color, fills us with energy and leads us to magical places. We really love his work as it is cheerful and perfect for many spaces at home or the office.

We have also added Emilio Cabanas and his precious drawings of motorcycling to Kreislerart.com. The truth is that he grabbed my attention right away with his images and his technique. We are convinced that they will be a big success and that you will like them very much.

So hopefully, with all this art, one of your new year’s resolutions will be to put more art in your life, we assure that you will be happier and if you need help, do not hesitate, at Kreislerart.com we are here for you.

Tamara Kreisler
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