As you know we are a digital gallery, but once in a while, we also like to be analog and this Christmas we have had an opportunity that we wanted to share with all of you.

The Kreisler Art Gallery has invited us to select five artists from and propose them the challenge of creating a work in a peculiar medium, a circle of 50 cm. of diameter. The show opened on December 24th and will be going on until January 13th, so if you’re in Madrid I encourage you come to see the exhibition where you will find some very good artworks from by many other artists.


It was not easy to choose only five artists among the fantastic variety that we have at but at the end we decided to select the performers who could make the most out of this particular support. We choose:

Cesar Barrio,

Alvaro Borobio,

Lalo Cruces,

Marina Gadea and

Claudio Roncoli.

As you can see, they made  some amazing works and I hope you like them too.

I love them all!


Tamara Kreisler
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