Every two years, the Biennale of Art in Venice is celebrated and art lovers have a perfect excuse to visit this wonderful city. I have had the privilege of having lived for four years between Venice and Padua so for me to return to these cities is to return home.

This time it was a speedy trip to be able to get an idea of what the world of art holds for us in the coming years. The Biennale serves as a guide to the emotions and trends that move the most important artists from around the world.

This year the title of “May you live in interesting times” is a nod to reflect the times we in which we live and the events that surround us. I was struck by the awareness of climate change that I felt in many of the works, as well as a return to using “poor” materials. I was able to visit both the “Giardini” with the pavilions of the different countries and the selection of artists of the “Arsenale”.

And of course walking and getting lost in my beloved Venice. I also made a small visit to Padua to re-meet with dear friends and enjoy its wonderful architecture and atmosphere in the piazzas.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Venice in the coming months, do not miss it as it is a trip that is always worthwhile and even better if you can do during the Biennale de Arte.

Tamara Kreisler
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