When my friend Tamara asked me to do something “as simple as” a short and fun post about the art I own at home, for KreislerArt newsletter, I found it exciting, even when I wasn’t sure to do something fun.

First of all, I’d like to share with you that that art inspires me, makes me feel peace and moves me. Long time ago, before I had the gallery, and when I was intern in my first job, I began to buy prints at the Estampa fair in the Casa de Campo of Madrid. At that time, I bought my beautiful white engraving by Hernandez-Pijuán, and a small sculpture by Rafael Canogar that I bought from my friend Raquel Ponce. Few years later, with some “pesetas” got from the sale of a family plot, I was able to buy my first painting, the black one of Cavada.

Since those years, every time I see a work, I think if I would buy it for home. That is the scale that I use to evaluate the pieces of the artists once considered the objective criteria of market.

Today I have in my house engravings, paintings, photographys and sculptures, by established and emerging artists such as Rafael Canogar, Reinaldo Paluzzi, Ricardo Cavada, Luis Gordillo, Amadeo Gabino, Lidia Benavides, Carmen Bozzano, Luis Feito, Fernando Zobel, Emilie Moreau, Dame Condoul, Jose Maria Sicilia, Evelyn Hellenschmidt, and some others.

And although, over time, I have changed / evolved the perception I have of art works, they all still look beautiful to me.
I encourage you to buy art, now it is easier than ever. Ahh, and don’t hesitate to ask the people who you think that can help you with the selection, even if when that choice is at the end emotional.

Elena Rodriguez Mayol

Founder and CEO OF CoonArt


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