Undoubtedly, one of Madrid´s main attractions is its wide cultural and artistic supply. Art in Madrid is found throughout the city and in all its expressions and formats, from impressive museums such as El Prado, where literally you can spend the whole day and you still lack time to see all the works that it offers, to even small galleries almost hidden all around the city. Madrid´s art offer is literally in every corner, in each neighbourhood, in each format, being possible to find art for all audiences throughout the whole year.

A good time for Art

Also, we can state that we are in a moment of Spain´s art boom. One indicator of this is that visits to state museums are growing, having increased by 8.8% the number of visitors in 2016. Almost 3 million people enjoyed last year’s artistic bet to museums such as El Prado, Reina Sofía, The Costume Museum or the Sorolla Museum. In cities like Madrid, we can find artistic proposals every week day and all year around.

February, the month in which Art flourishes in Madrid

On the other hand, this increase in interest in Madrid´s art can also be appreciated in Madrid´s most international fair, ARCO, which in Carlos Urroz´s words, its director, in its last 36th edition it recovered its pulse, gaining importance and recognition with respect to previous editions Important international galleries returned to the fair in 2017, a year in which also the number of applications to participate in the fair increased considerably. February, which is the month in which this art fair takes place, is also a month of artistic booming in Madrid, as there are many events related to Arts in what could be called the off road of ARCO. It includes exhibitions belonging to the fair that take place in different parts of Madrid, as parallel exhibitions that take advantage of the confluence of gallery owners, artists and collectors in the city to put on their best galas and show their full potential.

Estampa, the fair that brings Art to the citizen

It´s not only ARCO art fair which brings together the international art market in Madrid. Other fairs such as ESTAMPA, held in September in one of the key cultural and artistic spaces of the city, Matadero, are also a showcase for artists. In addition, the concept of ESTAMPA has developed over the years towards research, social activities and the expansion of the Art world towards general cultural interests.

Classic Art, Contemporary, video-art, photography, sculpture, outdoors art, reduced space art. It´s undeniable that enjoying art in the Spanish capital is just as attractive as its gastronomy, good weather or its well-known and celebrated leisure offer. The best: that all of the above is compatible.

If you come to Madrid, don’t forget that kreislerart.com is located in this wonderful city. We’d be more than glad to meet and say hello.

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