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Original art for sale in our online art gallery


Discover the greatest variety of paintings, sculpture, graphic works and online photography

Are you passionate about contemporary art? Are you a collector? Looking for our variety of original art for sale is very easy. Enjoy your passion like never before with Kreislerart you imagined. Find the best selection of pieces of painting, drawing, photography, graphic works and sculpture. Buy art online to decorate the walls of your house has never been so simple. Moving around our gallery is very easy and can access the different categories, styles and techniques quickly from the menu, or through search filters.

Walk our online gallery and discover new talent every day of your favorite techniques and styles. Kreislerart is an online art gallery that allows collectors and buyers approach to all types of contemporary reproductions.

The Kreisler Gallery of Madrid leads since 1965 offering unique catalogue of original art for sale.  We have worked with international artists and now continue to do so through to make you more comfortable your purchase and save you from having to stop by our facilities to see the play. Our extensive experience in the art world makes us your trust gallery to buy art online.

We take very seriously our work, all contemporary art that you see in our gallery has a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing the quality and authorship of it. You can find a list of artists with whom we work, they all have prestigious national or international market.


The works have been classified by type of work, technique and style. Select one of these methods to find the perfect book to give to a family or to decorate the walls of your home. To buy art online in Kreislerart, click the button “add to cart” that appears in the lower right of the work you are interested margin and then completes the process. Quick, safe and easy!

You can add and remove products from the cart to be registered and modify them at any time. As you place your order, we get to work so that the work delivered to your home as soon as possible.

You will also receive a tracking code to have controlled at all times shipping, so no need to worry about anything else. Deliveries are made over a period of 3-5 days from order of the work if ships in Spain and other European countries. If the part requires special packaging to ensure its integrity and delay in delivery occurs, you will be informed immediately after purchase.

Each work has a sheet where the specific details of the work are displayed: title, dimensions, medium, year and signature of the author. You have the option of displaying also how it would work in a room for you to stay completely satisfied with the purchase of contemporary art. And if you’re still undecided, you can stop by our physical gallery, located on Hermosilla 8 Street in Madrid. We’ll be happy to show the work in person and others who may be interested!

After buying online works of art, we get immediately from the online gallery, so that you see in stock, are available. In the event that the piece is not available, we’ll help you find a work of similar characteristics.

Are you an artist? If you want to publicize some of your creations, please contact us and we will help to spread your work. We can put your original art for sale. Fill out this questionnaire!