Halima, Abdul and Frida, Kenya


Halima and her husband lived in northeastern Kenya, where they raised livestock including camels. After 5-6 years with only one rainy season, the drought in 2013 was especially bad. The wells dried up. Not only did the cows and goats die, but even their camels died. The government would provide relief food once a year, but it was not enough on which to depend.
Halima’s husband left her, and so she and her children had to move south to Nanyuki. She is now forced to do menial jobs to raise her kids.

In 2018, Frida, a great kudu, was found when very young at the entrance gate of Ol Jogi. There is a high possibility that her mother was killed by some hunters, a victim of the illegal bushmeat trade. Kudu are declining in population across areas of sub-Saharan Africa due to illegal bushmeat poaching, habitat loss, and deforestation.

Photographed at Ol Jogi Conservancy, Kenya, October 2020.

Dimensions 105 × 81,2 cm
Color Black, White
Date 2020
Edition Yes
Framed Yes
Orientation Portrait
Signed Yes
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