It was several years ago that we discovered the wonderful works of Marina Gadea and fell in love with her ability to transport us to her very particular universe.

Nature, the sea, the water have always been Marina’s great inspiration, in particular her beloved Mar Gaditano, where she draws inspiration from its color, texture, smell, light … the same one in which she swims, plays sports and lives intensely. Marina couldn’t have a more suitable name !!

For the creation of these works in particular, she has worked by carrying out an intense scientific study of the ocean floor, creating scientific and poetic works that are extremely beautiful.

In her works, Marina invites us to value and think about the treatment we are giving to our blue planet, inspiring us to protect and care for our oceans and their ecosystems by getting to know them better.

We highlight here the “Aquaoir” series in which Marina has carried out the experiment of submerging artworks by exposing them to humidity and water temperatures, as well as to marine salinity, creating works with peculiar and inimitable characteristics carried out in tandem with nature, that we can compare with others that have not been exposed with this treatment.

Through Marina’s works, we can visit the seabed and travel to landscapes accessible to very few, because Marina’s work is nature, water, salt, light and life captured in images full of color that will undoubtedly be magnificent company.

We are delighted to be able to carry out this physical exhibition and we encourage you not to miss the opportunity to visit it.

Here is the address of the gallery:
Galeria Kreisler – Hermosilla, 8 Madrid
8-29 September 2020