Beige is a color that I like very much because it usually inspires tranquility and helps us to relax – and it does not have to mean that it is a boring or bland color.

Alone or combined with other colors it can create really beautiful art-works that can accompany us in our life, at home or in our workplace. The important thing is to have Art nearby!

We have made a selection of works that you can find on that we think you may like very much, such as this illustration by Cristina Torrecilla, “Sunday Morning” that seems super delicate and that can decorate any office or home.

We also like the works from Esther Rosa, for whom beige is a favorite color, with which she transmits a lot of peace in all her paintings as in this work “Layers of Mesh”

Or Beige, as a base element with wood in the works of Víctor Pérez-Porro which is full of beautiful chromatic harmonies like “B&W Woody Grid don’t you think it’s totally original?

Another artist who has Beige tones in his palette and uses them often is Josep Obradors with those landscapes inspired by deserts, and that he develops in his works full of matter. As a great example we have his work “Wadi Rum” inspired by the desert of the same name.

Beige can also be found in the original portraits of Miguel Vallinas, whether they are from the Raíces, Segundo skins or Ceci n’est pas. Here we have “Ceci n’est pas nr8″.

Or in the works of Pedro Peña Gil playing with photographs and tinctures as in this wonderful work, “The dam”.

It has not been easy to choose works in Beige in since we have many of such high quality; so I encourage you to investigate yourself and choose the one you like best.