Peperina Magenta

Argentinian-Italian collage artist
I am a collage.
I am expression, color and contrast. I am my father's eyes, my grandmother's hands and my mother's strength.
My heart no longer belongs to me. It belongs to my daughter. My motor is my love towards her and towards her father.
I was born twice, the first time in Mendoza, almost at the end of the 80s, but the most significant was the second time, in Denmark, when on a sunny day, Alba
came to this world.
More than from Lorien, I am from Rivendel, with a cape and a sword, under the command of Glorfindel.
I am vintage, I am in love of the stories of kings, warriors and fantasies. I am Argentinian history, San Martín and Güemes.
I am the one who loves hand sewing and puts on her colored boots when it rains.
I am a bright pink mint, I am Peperina Magenta .

My style is inspired by love, fantasy and desire, which I consider the engines of my life.
My style is characterized by the use of images of notable actresses from the 50s to 60s merged with raucous brushstrokes and contrasting colors forming very bright, fresh and happy collages inspired by pop art culture.
Love and art are personal expressions - hard to explain with words. Through my art I want to express pure and unique love. I want to express its feelings in all of my works with contrasting and bright colours.
I want to express real love with real women. Beautiful, like the love surrounded by happiness and brightness.
My aim is for people to feel butterflies in their stomachs - the love at first sight - when they appreciate my artworks.

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