Oli Berg

Oli Berg (1982, Kyiv,UA) works and resides in Barcelona. Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts of Ukraine, completed her Master degree in BAU University, Spain.Oli Berg's work has nature and landscape as its fundamental reference. This vindication of the natural environment has character, which in Berg's work, is enthralling and festive.  The monochrome sculptures of pure colors and paintings that combine shapes and bright tones bring us closer to pop and the celebration of an intimate nature that is, at the same  time, a tribute to exuberance and natural power. It is a personal landscape , where the elements that make up this world are united as whole: flower, trees, mountains, river, seas..and which are presented in the exhibition as a metaphor for the diversity of human being . The nature to which Oli Berg refers in her work is bright, close, luminous and powerful. The installation arrangement of the works recreates a large-scale garden of plants, in which visitors enter as if it were an alternative world or a fairy tale, where we feel small next to the large size of forms we are surrounded by. Oli Berg affirms "it is a way of feeling and appreciating beauty, poetry, the deep and spiritual meaning that we all have..It is a way of life." The materials that shape the works are acrylic on canvas and sculptures made of steel, aluminum, ceramics..The shiny surfaces emphasise this personal character of the garden that Oli Berg presents.

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