Mario Marini

Mario Sánchez, born in Valencia, Spain, in October 1955, is an artistic painter and printmaker who is known for his work under the pseudonym Mario Marini. His artistic journey has been marked by a unique approach to his craft.

Thirty years ago, Mario began experimenting with personal techniques such as "Oxigraphy" in both printmaking and painting. Oxigraphy is a technique rooted in the oxidation of iron and copper, showcasing his innovative and unconventional approach to art.

Mario's creations are driven by the desire to convey sensations through plastic elements, focusing on the interplay of colors and textures to evoke emotions in the viewer.

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Mario shares his knowledge and expertise in printmaking through teaching in his workshop. He places great importance on fostering freedom of expression in his students, allowing them to explore various printmaking techniques and develop their unique artistic voices.

Throughout his career, Mario has achieved significant recognition through a series of notable exhibitions, including "The Iron Forest" installation in Madrid in 1990, "Freighters" installation in Alcalá de Henares in 1996, "A House on the Sand" installation in Eibar in 1997, and the "Monochromes" exhibition in Madrid in 2006. These exhibitions have showcased Mario Marini's distinct artistic vision and contributions to the world of art.

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