Mario Marini


My name is Mario Sánchez, i was born in Valencia (Spain),in october 1955. I am an artistic painter and printmaker. I signed with the pseudonym Mario Marini.
Thirty years ago, i work with personal methods like the “Oxigraphy”in printmaking and painting: technique based on oxidation of iron and copper.

The intention of my creations is to expose sensations throught plastic

elements like colors and textures.

In my workshop i also teach printmaking, where freedom of expression is

the base, using different techniques of printmaking.

The most important exhibitions of my career are: “The Iron Forest”Installation Madrid-1990. “Freighters”Installation Alcalá de Henares-1996. “A house on the sand”Installation Eibar-1997. “Monochromes”Exhibition Madrid-2006.

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