María JL Hierro

The creative process of María JL Hierro began from her concern to have the time to ponder and to question current human behaviors. The hurry, changes and interpersonal relationships are some of the themes that underpin her projects.

She proposes that what and how we think and relate to each other depends, in part, on the number of words that we hear, read and learn. She is interested in using words as weapons and armors, the intermediate layers and what lives between the lines, the dualities.

She analyzes the phrases and the words she coexists with, through a transformation and expansion of its initial concepts. Plays with the letters and a few self-imposed variables, such as color and position, to obtain a simple and direct visual poetry, known as tipoesía, simple and direct message in the mind of the observant.



Huelva, 1985




Civil Engineering, specialty in Civil Constructions, UEX. (Cáceres, 2011-2017).

PRL postgraduate, Industrial Hygiene, UHU. (Huelva, 2017-2018).

Engraving workshop with José Pedro Croft. Foro Sur Fair. (Cáceres, 2013).

Illustration course with Aitor Sarabia. Roja Gallery. (Sevilla, 2015).

Curatorial course with Margarita Aizpuru (online, 2020).

Video-performance course with Verónica Ruth Frías (online, 2020).


Solo exhibitions

Impulsividad, intuición, reflexión. LAECLÉCTICA Gallery. Huelva, 2022.

AQUÍ ES. Blue Ox Space. Huelva, 2021.

TIPOESÍA. Cantero Cuadrado Hall of the University of Huelva. Huelva, 2021.

Corazón. Clandestino Gallery. San Juan del Puerto, Huelva, 2013.


Collective exhibitions

Art Battalion VI. White Lab Gallery. Madrid, 2022.

Nosotras. Felipe Godínez Theater. Moguer, Huelva, 2022.

Des/amor. White Lab Gallery.  Madrid, 2021.

Mucho arte contemporáneo. Casa Grande. Ayamonte, Huelva, 2021.

Natura. Ecos Infinitos. Loving Art Andalucía. Sala Antiquarium. Sevilla, 2021.

Lo mejorcito de cada casa. Espacio Pan y Circo. Sevilla, 2021.

Arbonaida. Centro Cultural de Salteras. Salteras, Sevilla, 2021.

Rostros. Magasé Art Gallery. Sala Antiquarium. Sevilla, 2021.

Follow me!. Galería Espacio 0. Huelva, 2018.

Grafistas onubenses. Casa Colón. Huelva, 2018.

Dos Miradas. Galería Mekki Mghara. Tetuán, 2014.

Límite. Plataforma Onubense de Cultura Contemporánea. Huelva, 2013.


Art fairs

Hybrid Art Fair. LAECLÉCTICA Gallery. Madrid, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022.

Un cartucho de arte bien despachao. Galería Cobertura Photo. Sevilla, 2020, 2021, 2021.

ARCO. Stand Diputación de Huelva. Madrid, 2020.

Totus Ars. Magasé Art Gallery. Madrid, 2020.

Art Fair Málaga. LAECLÉCTICA. Málaga, 2018.

Room Art Fair. ANORMALMAG. Madrid, 2017.


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