Juan Gerstl

Juan Gerstl (1985, Caracas-Venezuela), is an artist whose creative experience allows the viewer to reconnect with nature as a reflective engine. The influence of harmony and the meticulous study of form prevails as a conceptual line. His works establish narratives between lived and happened events, brushing with the creation of melodies and rhythms as a visual sensation. A work of his is to inhabit immediately, an extraordinary and particular language.

A structure that begins with a module, the Xagon. Within the so-called sacred geometries, the hexagon represents a perfect symbol. Thus, it implies the containment of chaos. The subtlety of the delicate balance of the universe. A universal understanding that is noticed in the modular play and connections with the elements water, earth, air and fire, a starting point.

A dynamic entity emerges from her language, the frequency and celebration of the elements of nature, essentially the combination of a tonality that can describe an experience. His proposals deeply recreate changes and transformations. The work is an object, not an element of contemplative reading, it is an invitation to a dialogue, to a conversation. Works that reveal to us, the substance, what remains behind every mutation.

Art is the mediation of an inner communication. His creations are spaces of thought and transformation of consciousness, a concientizART, a channel to create a full respect for nature and its goodness. Her art gravitates between chromatic exploration and emotion.

The presence of the event as creation, the active thought and the encounter with the elements of nature, determine his visual rhythmic transfer.

Nature is matter, is form, is substance, essence and nature is the principle of movement. Juan Gerslt, takes us to recreate these visual imaginaries.

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