Harry Fisch

Over the past 15 years, Harry Fisch has transformed into a professional traveler. Enjoying the peculiar complacency that sometimes occurs between photographer and subject at the boundaries of remote countries, languages, and diverse cultures.

Attracted and intrigued by "peripheral" cultures struggling to safeguard their cultural identity, he finds himself creating images in which he is surprised to recognize his own biases, unconfessed latent prejudices. Images that intend but do not fully meet the expectations of the traveler-spectator.

As he describes it: "...I would like to confuse an image presented as fictitious with the real; a trompe-l'oeil, playing at the edge of usual clichés. " "...maintain a subtle irony, without the limitations of realistic narration, relying on multidisciplinary tools and seeking more immediate perception than the accurate representation or verification of facts."

His cross-disciplinary professional training has led him to combine over the years a passion for photography, professional entrepreneurship, and forays into psychoanalysis studies to ultimately, in later years, dedicate himself entirely to the world of photography.

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