Gerard Fernández Rico

Barcelona, 1977

Throughout the years, Gerard has incorporated various materials from our everyday environment into his works. Along this path, he has worked with polymers (liquids/solids), thermal blankets, canvases and concealment meshes, construction structures (scaffolding), materials from the automotive industry, industrial lighting (fluorescent lights and work lamps), among others. Fernández Rico's process often involves the reconfiguration of the material, sometimes through manipulation, intervention, or its arrangement in an exhibition context; by adding the necessary elements, he achieves its complete transfiguration into an artistic work.

This working methodology perpetuated over time poses a daily challenge in the studio, creating a coherent and recognizable line over time. The viewer's confrontation with an artistic object created using techniques and materials from other industries offers a personal interpretation of our context. Detecting the proposed transfiguration and inviting reflection on our environment and the possibilities it offers beyond commonly accepted norms, as well as how each of us interacts with it.

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