Fernando Cuétara

Fernando Cuétara (Madrid, 1969) is a self-taught Spanish artist currently based in
Miami, Florida.
The painter has lived around the world in diverse places such as
California, Switzerland, and Asia; his travels and experiences have been a key
inspiration for his artworks and personal growth. Cuétara began his artistic career
at a very young age. He was initially self-taught until he had the opportunity to work
with the prestigious Spanish artist Gines Serrán Pagan who influenced his artistic
style. This period was a turning point for Cuétara as it introduced him to new
methods, particularly the use of varied materials to create intricate textures within
his works.
The artist starts creating each piece using a blank canvas, which he then
manipulates by hand, creating different folds, angles, and slits. He considers this
initial step as the “foundation of the piece” and therefore does not rush the process
of forming since he firmly believes it will be the structure to hold the color, soul, and
permanence of the artist’s creativity. The second step is the development of the
appropriate color and pigment for the work. Most of them are monochromatic but
depending on where the viewer stands, the color might differ. Cuétara enjoys
travelling to exotic places like Morocco in search of unique colors.
Cuétara is meticulous when making each fold and repeating the process so every
single element is balanced, symmetrical, and executed to perfection. His most
recent series include LED lights, which are embedded inside the canvas’ slits
creating colorful shadows. Cuétara refers to this series as auras or the
electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body and every organism and
object in the Universe. Accordingly, each of these paintings has a particular color,
shadow, and light intensity. The artist takes pride in his works being very
contemporary, minimal, sublime, and subtle.

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