Cristina Torrecilla

Graduated in Dramatic Art by the Royal School of Dramatic Art of Madrid. Schounded by the Ministry of Culture, she also studied in Italy with the sculptor Donato Sartori at the Centro di Maschere e Strutture Gestuali in Padua.

After several years working as an actress in film, theater and TV, I began to collaborate with the fashion designer Sybilla in the accessories department of her company. I worked there for 11 years as part of the team that attended the operation for Spain and Japan, period in which I completed my training as a designer. I specialize in working with color, in stamping and in the design of jewelry. I manage the department for two years, and I leave the company to create my own jewelry brand:

In parallel to working for my brand, I teach Color classes in the IED. I also collaborate as art director in Theater for director Miguel del Arco (National Theater Award 2017)

Simultaneously, I have been designing jewelry for the Museo del Prado since 2009. My last collaboration with them is a small collection for the Bicentennial, inspired by the flowers in the Museum's paintings:

As a result of my interest in illustration, I completed my self-taught education studying Drawing in the Arjona Studio; and I start to create my illustrations:

In 2017 and 2018 I do two exhibitions of my work as an illustrator in The Haciendas Club (Madrid)

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