Alejandro Hermann

Although reality has always been the starting point of art, the concept itself is so personal that it is impossible to talk about one absolute reality. Reality defies a single definition and instead embraces multiple meanings. As challenging as this concept may sound for many, for Alejandro Hermann represents the adventure of life itself, an adventure that fuels the engine of his creativity to travel the road of his imagination.

Alejandro Hermann was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After residing in various locations across Europe over more than thirty years, he finally settled in Marbella, Southern Spain, where he has been living for more than a decade.

His artwork arrived in Spain after achieving international recognition via exhibitions around Europe, in cities such as Salzburg (Austria), Innsbruck (Austria), Lugano (Switzerland) to name a few. In Spain, his work has the distinction of being shown in private, individual and collective exhibitions in different locations such as Sotogrande (Cadiz), Seville, Pamplona, Puerto Banús (Malaga), Sitges and Barcelona, among others.

This artist claims Leonardo Da Vinci as the indisputable master and major point of reference, citing him as "a true genius and a source of inspiration for almost everything in life". Hermann's paintings draw from the insistent and interesting, evocative of past summers and future pleasures with a daring style and techniques that are the hallmarks of his success. His impressionist work has a slightly realistic effect while his intimate studies focus heavily on the feminine figure, emphasizing the delicacy of forms, nevertheless portrayed with very decent sensibility. Of special distinction is the elegant incorporation of animals in his compositions, bringing the wildness of cold reality, with its palpable energy, to an inarguable harmony and equilibrium through his magnificent use of colour.

These, among many others, are some of the characteristics to be found in his artwork, in juxtaposition with a pure reflection of the personal spiritual evolution of an artist fascinated with life. To Hermann, the paintbrush is like a fountain pen to a poet, and his palette a whirl of emotions waiting to be released. His art is a channel of communication in which he searches for and obtains his colours, like the poet does with words in his verses, only to be spread over the canvas, like an open book, loaded with imagination. Alejandro Hermann is an eternal romantic whose eyes seek the beauty and simplicity trapped in today's mundane reality.

It is fair to say that Alejandro Hermann masters the use of language, in terms of a unique syntax articulated with the strokes of his brush over a canvas. Each one of his paintings represents an allegory to life, loaded with different emotions and "written" with multicolour rhymes. Through his work, Alejandro Hermann, opens a window to the multiple realities conforming his world, allowing us to be the passive spectators of a never ending flow of ideas, feelings and images pouring out of his naked and always curious heart.

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