Who am I? 81


“WHO AM I?…Who is Alejandro Hermann?”

After more than 40 years of work, study and experimentation with concepts and themes, materials and techniques, I dare to combine all that I have learned in one artistic line – restrained and personal, where the focus is on the black and white duality.

I am introducing a minimalistic work, full of thick and solid strokes which stand out from the canvas, carefully prepared involving resins, silicone and fabrics. Is upon this mix of textures and surfaces where the faceless silhouettes come to live and recover part of their soul with the motion of the oil paintings and the strokes which outs them together.

“Who am I? 81” is the very first art piece of the most recent collection of the Austrian artist Alejandro Hermann. After heading away from the hyper- realistic portraits of Buddhist children monks, where the artist already began to experiment with materials, is within this piece where he took an abstract and minimalistic direction, in order to relief the artwork of its bargain: made on wood and covered with golden leaf, it reminds the viewer to an old tableau. Upon what he draws with oils a silhouette finished with Japanese texts.

Color ,
Date 2018
Dimensions (cm) 100x120
Edition 81
Framed No
Location Spain
Orientation Portrait
Signed Yes
Style ,
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