Escrito en la pared

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This work is part of the series “Palabras de Teresa.” “Las Moradas” is the last book that Teresa wrote. It has seven chapters, a prologue, and an epilogue. In total, there are 9 sections. “Moradas de la luz,” a work by Nieves Álvarez, captured the entire book on a strip of 5,000 meters (ten for each year of commemoration, in 2015). The artist took almost three months to create the piece, the same amount of time Teresa took to write “Las Moradas.”

Date 2015, 2023 (polyptych)
Dimensions (cm) 120 x 80 (each photo in a set of 9), 120 x 80 (each photo), 28.7 x 21 (each photo in a polyptych of 9, includes a folder)
Edition 2 (polyptych set), Unique (murals)
Framed No
Location Madrid, Spain
Orientation vertical
Signed Yes
Technique ,
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