Arcadia (52)

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“The landscape rose gently; on the landscape, suspended in the air, my spirit floated, free of ties, born again” Novalis, Hymns to the night
Arcadia is an imaginary place, created and described by numerous poets and artists. It refers to a utopian territory in which man lives in communion with nature. A natural and paradisiacal way of life, not corrupted by civilization.
It is a photographic work that aims to create a harmonious unity between man and the surrounding landscape. It is a reflection on the supremacy of the natural order over the human will, the dialogue of the individual with the incommensurability of the whole. They are intimate spaces of solitude and silence in which the feelings of the character that appears in the photograph are projected. The resulting image is the reflection of the character’s soul. Small, lost, abducted figures in the contemplation of excess. By appearing on their backs or not recognizing themselves, they become archetypes with which the viewer can feel identified
A release from the most immediate reality, a flight in space and time. A search for serenity, isolation … A moment of suspension between becoming and fading. The representation of open and limitless spaces, in which the man represented in his real insignificance appears, is the source of inspiration for the images in this photographic series.
It is a project in which nature is the key element, occupying a central role, without any sign of human intervention in it. The true protagonist is the landscape, infinite and eternal in the face of human finitude. Dramatic scenes are shown in its powerful immensity, in which the presence of man is nothing more than the confirmation of his own insignificance. The true protagonists are the sky, the sea, the clouds, the trees and, above all, loneliness. A loneliness understood as an internal and essential quality of people, thus losing its negative character.
The photographs are not intended to simply show a beautiful nature directed towards the decorative or conventionally pleasant, but to produce calm and seclusion. A feeling of time spent, of voluntary exile. An escape from current stress and maelstrom to plunge the viewer into a state of calm and reflection.

Date 2017
Dimensions (cm) 40x60, 120x80, 90x60
Edition edición de 10, edición de 5, edición de 7
Framed No
Location Spain
Orientation Landscape
Signed Yes
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