Artist’s studios are always very special places to visit. I love to go them and even though I have visited many of them, every time I go to a new one or come back to one that I have already visited I always discover something new.

At KreislerArt we want to bring Art close to you, so we invite you to visit the art studio of all our artists. If you live in the same town as any of our artists and you want to learn more about their work or a specific piece of art just let us know and we will be happy to go with you. For sure it will be a very special experience. We can even organize a Skype call for you with your favourite artist if he or she is far away.

kreislerart-cesarbario-estudio-grande_webTo begin with our artist studio tours we start with César Barrio,  Cesar is not only an amazing artist but also wonderful human being (check out his art here!). Just like him, his studio is big and generous. It is located in the industrial outskirts of Madrid, on top of a furniture factory and we can say that more than his art studio, it is also his “cave” as it is the space where he works and lives.

Architecture plays a decisive role in his works


One of the first things that might impact you when you arrive is all the artworks you see in it. César studied architecture and you can feel it in his work. He has developed different styles during his career and it is very interesting to see his work from “other lives” that live together with the latest works that he is producing for his next show for in Madrid.

kreislerart_cesaryobras_webWe can say that he is a “dirty” artist in the sense that to create his painting artworks it is possible that walls and floors also end up with painting on them so you can see prints of his work all over the studio art, but at the same time is pretty tidy for being a single man’s space ,-) In one of the rooms he has an Art Library with great Art books and where he keeps artworks from friends and other artists that he loves.

I have been at Cesar’s art studio a few times and is definitely something I would recommend anybody that loves Art and even more if you are thinking to buy one of his wonderful artworks as once you know him and you see how he works, is difficult not to want something from him near you.


Thank you Cesar for opening your doors to us. To be continued…!







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