Yuri Tuma

Yuri Tuma is a multidisciplinary Brazilian artist living in Madrid who focuses on the investigation of contemporary narratives related to sonic ecologies through sound art, installation, and performance as a way to address and reevaluate the human/animal binomial imposed by science and Western thinking. In early 2020, he co-founded the Institute for Postnatural Studies (IPS) in Madrid, a platform that focuses on the relationship between contemporary artistic practice and the necessary revision of the concept of nature. More actively, in addition to academic programming and artistic direction, he coordinates the Institute's publishing project, Cthulhu Books, to become a showcase for the political potential of imagining new worlds and possible futures for the planet through academic and artistic research. Starting in 2021, in addition to participating in residencies and coordinating workshops around interspecies thinking and sound ecologies, Tuma works with educational and mediation programs through sound art and performance at Spanish institutions such as Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Matadero, La Casa Encendida, INLAND, among others.

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