Victor López (Tourette Company)

Tourette Company is a peculiar artist where there are. In addition to his work as a painter, he has found in digital design a promising outlet for all that creativity that was forged in his early teenage years. With habitual collaborations also in the world of musical composition and performance. Diagnosed at the age of 11 years of Tourette Syndrome and OCD disorder, Víctor Maher, of Scottish Hispanic origin, began his medical career with the intention of going deeper into the unknown of the human mind, although he finally found in art the necessary freedom to explore it, knowing how to focus its complex inner world in singular and hypnotic forms, bright colours and creatures brought from other universes. Tourette Company explores in each work the limits of conception, imagination and conscience, with a message that invites us to reflect on who we are and where we are going. Exotic worlds, lysergic creativity, purity and sensitivity is what we find when we enter into its mystical world, full of sensations and ideas never before seen.

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