Valeria Real

Valeria Real is a young  and audiovisual artist from Patagonia, Argentina, who combines her passion for photography and innovation, generating spaces where her concept expands and comes alive, giving an opportunity for people to interact with her work beyond the visual.

She puts a spotlight on the emotion and sensation transmitted by the captured images, mixing her interpretation with those who experience her photographic and artistic works.

She has worked with art clinics with other major artists of the contemporary scene.

In 2017 she presented a major work, Magic Park, at the Fundación Esteban Lisa in Buenos Aires City and at the Visual Arts  Museum in Trelew (Chubut). Later on, she presented Instancia, a production that was part of a collective exhibition at the Espacio Modos in Buenos Aires City, and Bubbles, which was displayed in Miami City.

In 2018 Valeria has been called on by the ArtePar Foundation to collaborate on its work Recreo, an inclusive production with a high social commitment. This same year, she has also participated in a group exposition at the Espacio Ftalo and participated at the Latin American Exhibit at the DaSilva Gallery, in New Haven, USA.

At present she is working in a project to show, through art, the effects of global warming.


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