Pepe Monserrate

Madrid, 1973. Lives Between Madrid and La Azohía in Cartagena.

There are two main “Emotions” * that drive Monserrate’s sculpture works: The first one is his passion for “The Individual” and its extraordinary ability to achieve, alone or alongside others, the most elevated goals. The second one is his love for the Mediterranean Sea.

For his reflections on the Individual and Humanity, Monserrate considers the Mediterranean Sea, the ancient sea of his roots, as an unparalleled setting to frame stories, elevate concepts and build emotions.

The Sea as an infinite territory to express the most profound emotions, desires, passions, fears… The Mediterranean as the cradle of occidental civilizations that deepens into the roots of each individual. A symbol of creativity, of the search for the meaning of life and for wisdom.

Monserrate’s work is committed with the cultural, social and environmental preservation of this unique, fragile and precious heritage. He believes is responsibility of the Mediterranean people to be united in this quest, essential for the generations to come. His anthropological optimism envisions a luminous future for his beloved “Mar Antiguo”.

* “Emotion”, from the Latin “emotio” which means “impulse that moves to action “.

Autodidact. After more than 10 years sculpting for private collections, Monserrate exhibits solo for the first time in May 2016. The exhibition is titled “Ancient Sea”

Exhibitions (2016):

Ibiza. Marta Torres Gallery (“Ancient Sea”)

London. Pall Mall Gallery (“Evolving. Calmness & Beauty / The Exit is Inside”)

Exhibitions (2017):

Palma de Mallorca. Ahoy Gallery (“Solitary”)

Ibiza. Marta Torres Gallery (“Latent Potentiality”)

Ibiza. Club Diario Ibiza (“The Lake and the Island”. Cultural Exchange between México DF and Ibiza)

Ibiza. Centro Cultural Jesús (“The Lake and the Island”)

Ibiza. P I ART Gallery. “Encañizada”.

Exhibitions (2018)

Paris. Art Capital Grand Palais


Esquire. “The new force of Spanish art” Fuera de Serie (Expansión). “Monserrate’s work is attracting collectors from everywhere” Instagram @pepemonserrate

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