Nuria Ruiz-Vernacci

I started this path following a depression and a Gestald therapy, in addition to cure me, taught me that the whole-the feelings, senses from the viscera, either within ourselves, living the here and now, the realization – what happens to us, what happens to others, what we are and why- make much sense and also very important. That was when I began to study me, to analyze me, and of course, to study others. And I start very interested expressions, faces and postures of people, how they move, how they are in space. Without much brain analysis, more intuitively, he is coming with great force information. Then to move to the portrait and figure, was a step. And that was what he asked me the body, clearly.

From 2004 to 2008 my work in the drawing primarily focused, but I did not give up painting. I am interested especially children, all children of the earth, and children of poor, depressed, in conflict zones, move me. They did not ask to come into this world, and yet they are here and are its victims.

This drawing, these paintings, they began to ask something else. And it is from 2008 when in my work I begin to put papers, pens, fabrics, and to tell you something more, clasping abstract elements that leave the surface, playing with the composition. animals also come into play. Sorry for other life forms great interest. With animals I identify. And my inner child led him inside, screaming sometimes when I do not do to him.

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