Jesús Chamizo


Linked to the arts from an early age, Hestudies in several schools of photography among1977 and 1980, year in which a portsheet of paper publishes in the magazine “Poptografía” and later he realizes his first exhibition.

Since then, he develops his research and employed at different photographic áreas, uniting in all of them, concept, technology and creativity.

He has won several national and international awards: Sun, Cannes, Lux, FIAP, Epica, N. York Festival …

The most recent: 2010 Lux Bronze cat. Landscape, Lux 2012 Golden cat. Industrial, First prize “La Rioja and Wine” 2014. The “BuilDreams” series exhibited in 2011 in “Space Villanueva” and later in 2012 / E8 Gallery, was the beginning of the research in which lately its work.

In this way, it has found new forms of expression, creating works that show new architectural spaces, composing images that move in a different dimension.

In addition to the aforementioned “BuilDreams”, series such as “StairS”, “MetalicS”, “Build NexT” and the most recent “Moving Ways” are a clear example of this trend.

In this last series, still submerged in the universe of “The Gestal” with its figures and symbology, it stands to be a stop in the path of the purely architectural and fractal, focusing on the depth, perspective and movement of different spaces.


My concern is to reflect the footprint that humans leave in their environment, and how that environment influences him in the perception of what apparently present but while transporting us to a moment that may be part of the immediate past or nearest future.

Spaces man builds, lives, which is integrated as influence each other are the three basic pillars that my photography is centered.

In architecture, always present in human history and has just become his hallmark. In the landscape, space required and influential in the history of man, but man cares and abuses alike. And in the inner reflection that both spaces provoke us, trying to seek and find a balance that seems necessary to achieve its sustainability.

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