Guillermo Summers

Always linked to experimentation, sometimes matérica figurative other closer to William Summers abstraction- works with materials and diverse representation formulas. Their work is organized in thematic series, interlinked, which converge in a sober formal speech, reductionist, coherent and distinctive aesthetic. In his works, Summers gathers personal experiences and reflections subtly articulated from a central axis: Memory and representation. After studying Fine Arts in Spain and England, developed in parallel since the late nineties his activity as an artist and as a musician. His recent work, made primarily on Nepali paper pays special attention to the expressive possibilities of support and matter. Through a very particular technique based paraffin, the forms are suggested by the reflection that light exerts on the surface, in a game of transparencies, shadows and intangible tracks that lead us to the essence of the origin of painting. His pieces attach to such everyday items as ladders, light bulbs, or piles of salt, a fragile and poetic aura. Evocative images that share an aesthetic intention focused on reducing and sobriety. The voice of the materials and their ability to radiate beauty are the foundation on which builds its own world full of symbolic and psychological associations in which seeks to translate what was experienced in living space.

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